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Art in the Park -Oakville, Aug. 5/24

Railway City Music and Arts Festival - Pinafor Park, St. Thomas - Aug. 15th- 18th

Elgin County Studio Tour, Sept. 28-29th, 10-5 Daily



If you are looking for colour and inspiration this is the place to be! Welcome!

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I am happy to announce that I am a new artist at Arts on Queen, Toronto,

showing my landscapes and floral collages!


Abstracts represented by

Craig Gallery in Meaford, Ontario



 Landscapes and collaged florals at

Karger Gallery in Elora



Landscapes and Figurative work at Marten Arts- Bayfield


Partial Gallery



Photo Courtesy of Anne De Hass

Artist Statement


Suzette's artwork is a vibrant and energetic exploration of nature, abstracted through her unique and bold artistic vision. Through her use of texture, colour, and collage, she simplifies and distills the natural world into rhythmic patterns that evoke the beauty and power of the elements. Suzette is drawn to scenes that exhibit emotional or elemental strength, capturing the play of light on a subject or the movement of wind in the trees. Her technique, inspired by a serendipitous discovery, sets her apart, as she incorporates collage and printed papers to create dynamic and textured compositions. Each piece is a harmonious blend of nature's patterns and colours, reflecting Suzette's passion for the natural world and her innovative approach to translating it onto canvas.

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